Sensitization, education and training

Many enterprises are not sufficiently aware which dramatic consequences the loss of business critical information can have. But even if this should be the case, it is still a multi-stage process, until security responsible behavior company-wide becomes a positively occupied inner attitude that permanently coins the behavior of all employees. Because freely adapted from the behavioral scientist Konrad Lorenz (Noble Prize 1973) the word is that

  • heard not always correctly understood,
  • correctly understood not always agreed,
  • agreed not always applied and
  • applied not always permanently retained.

Therefore it is not sufficient to enact a policy, to establish a disciplinary process or to conduct a non-recurrent information event. If you want to achieve a sustainable effect, you need to lace a sensitization, education and training package that is tailored to the business culture.

For sensitization, education and training we exclusively deploy instructors who have long-term experience in education and professional development on the university and college level and PECB Certified Trainers.